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What To Expect on Your First Visit

So what can you expect when you come see me when you’ve been referred by your regular doctor or orthopedic surgeon because they have determined that you have chronic pain such that they are unable to address it? Usually that entails some type of medication therapy. When you come in you can expect to meet my reception staff where we’ll have you fill out some paperwork which is pretty standard and then go though our triage area and into one of our exam rooms. There your interview will be continued by one of our nurses and you’ll meet with either myself or my nurse practitioner, Beverly. You will met with me on the first visit and we’ll have a detailed discussion as to what and why you are here. I am going to determine what your pain generators are, whether it’s because you’ve had surgery and now you have chronic pain or whether you’ve sustained an injury and have chronic pain. Whether it’s fibroma alga or a whole host of other reasons that may have necessitated for you to be referred here. From that point, we’ll do a focused physical exam. Then I’ll determine what lab studies and what films that are required. And then we’ll come up with a treatment plan. The treatment plan will consist of medicines and there’s a whole host of those. Physical therapy, and it may consist of an intervention of some sort. Last, we’ll discuss some counseling if it’s needed. Then you can expect to see me on a monthly, or every other month, or every three month basis depending on what your particular needs are.