Here at Coosa Pain and Wellness, we are not a pill clinic. We are sincere about that. If you come here expecting to get a large dose of narcotics then you’re probably in the wrong place. We are not a drive up clinic. We are a referral based practice. Our average wait time is about 60 days from the time your physician refers you to me to the time that I’m able to see you. We are not tolerant of illicit drugs here. We drug test every patient and if you are using illicit medications, in addition to what I’m prescribing, you can expect to be dismissed. If you are getting narcotics from another provider besides myself, then you can expect to be dismissed when we discover it and we will. If you are rude and abusive to my staff, you can expect to be dismissed. We are unfailingly polite here and I ask my patients to be polite as well.

Services Offered:

  • Medicine Management
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity
  • Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Referrals to Physical Therapy or Aquatic Therapy if needed
  • DOT Physicals