Dr. Kevin T Lackey- M.D.



My name is Dr. Kevin Lackey and I’m from Gadsden, born in Anniston and I’ve been here most of my life. I’ve been in practice here for the last 15 years in this community. I worked primarily in Anniston as an anesthesiologist, where I’m on staff at RMC in Anniston as well as the surgery center in Oxford, and the hospital in Jacksonville. A little over two years ago, I was approached by some physicians in this community as well as a bank about opening a pain clinic in this area as there was a definite need as the citizens in Etowah County were being underserved in regards to their pain management. After some careful deliberation and a great deal of prayer, I decided to come out of the hospital full time and open this clinic. My goal here is to help you control your pain. My goal here is not to make you pain free. There are very few pain free people in the world. So how do we do that? We do that through medical management. We can prescribe a whole host of different medicines depending on what you need. It could be a narcotic or a non narcotic for sure. It could be a muscle relaxer. It could be something for neuropathic pain, which is very important. Could be a non-steroidal as well as medication to treat your anxiety and depression.

You can expect a discussion on physical therapy. We do goal directed physical therapy here. We work very closely with the physical therapists in the community. You expect me to talk with you about interventions as we offer a whole host of interventions here. We do a whole hosts of blocks from regular blocks to specialty types of epidurals called single nervory blocks. We offer TENS therapy, We offer nerve conductive velocity testing. You can expect to have that done and last I will talk with you about counseling, should it be needed. We depression screen every patient and then we go from there.